Samarina Greek Natural Spring Water
imported from Samarina, Greece

[Samarina Greek Natural Spring Water] Samarina Greek natural spring water is the only water which springs and is bottled at 5250 feet above sea level. The water gushes from a source at 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) and is bottled directly at the factory located at the same altitude as the source.

The natural mineral water is underground, originating in Samarina, Greece. The physical flow, constant flow, cool temperature, and local minerals are what really makes the water special. Its unique chemical composition contains no nitrates and has low salinity.

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Provided exclusively to the United States by
AGC International, Inc.

Order two (2) cases of Samarina water and get FREE DELIVERY within 60 miles of Northridge (Los Angeles zip code 91325), California. Order five (5) cases of Samarina water and get FREE DELIVERY between Santa Barbara and San Diego, California.

Orders of 6 or more, please contact us for pricing.

Case of 24/500ml bottles
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